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Do You Have An Athlete’s Mindset?

It’s interesting how my view of myself has changed over the years, in particular as it relates to how I see myself and my physical activities…

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13 Benefits Of Weight Training After Age 50

Did you know that up to 80% of men and women in their 50s and older have too little muscle and too much fat, leading to obesity, osteoporosis…

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Community Member Spotlight: Meet Pamela Kolawole

Pam and I met through the wonderful social media community that has grown around midlife women reclaiming their health and fitness and redefining what it means to age in …

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How Do I Know My Style? Fashion Over 60

If you are like me, your style has changed as you have passed through different stages of life. What I wore as a young mom was very different to what I wore mid-career and what I wore …

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Start Your Day Off With Chocolate That Is Good For You!

I usually double this recipe and make 2 dozen as I eat 3 for my Meal One every morning along with a scoop of chocolate collagen protein powder that I add to my coffee with 1 tbsp …

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