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If you, like me, are a post-menopausal woman, congratulations! You survived menopause – it seems the world thinks we disappear after that. Guess what – not only have we NOT disappeared, but we are rewriting the book on what it means to be 50+, 60+, and 70+ vital, wise, health-conscious women!


Silver and Strong Fitness is dedicated to helping all women, with a focus on women 50+, live their lives to each woman’s fullest potential. That means providing resources, education, coaching services, and a community of like-minded women who support each other’s goals and explore what is possible. We are not satisfied with “just ОК.” We are a community of mature, experienced women who know what they want, are ready to put themselves first, maybe for the first time in our adult lives, and push our own boundaries of what is possible. We are a group of women ready to start a revolution and change the look, feel, and experience of healthy aging.

Our Offerings Include

Want to explore all aspects of healthy aging, like weight training, injury prevention and rehabilitation, macro nutrition, skin care, mindset work, and supplementation, or listen to experts or the life-changing stories of women over 50? With our blog, podcast, and newsletter, gathering our favorite blog posts from the past month and stories spotlighting a community member on a transformation journey of her own, we have your back. The Silver and Strong one on one coaching will begin in January 2024 with group coaching to follow., covering macro nutrition, weight training, and mindset work – all crucial for long-lasting transformation success.  Join us by sending an email to info@silverandstrong.com.

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