Powerlifting after 50 with Tanya Adams and Pat Light

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Episode 4: Powerlifting after 50 with Tanya Adams and Pat Light

In this episode of the Silver and Strong podcast, host Ilene Block is joined by Tanya Adams and Pat Light, who share their transformative journeys into powerlifting after the age of 50. Tanya, a lifelong health enthusiast and certified Menopause Coaching Specialist, and Pat, a recent bodybuilding champion who discovered her true strength later in life, discuss the challenges and benefits of powerlifting, the differences between bodybuilding and powerlifting, and the love they have for competing and the powerlifting community. If you have wondered if it is ever a time of life where it is too late to start strength training, this episode is the answer you have to hear.


Tanya Adams


Pat Light


Ilene Block


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