Gretchen Todd: Innovations in Well-being

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Episode 3: Gretchen Todd: Innovations in Well-being

On this episode of the Silver and Strong podcast Ilene sparks an enlightening conversation with Gretchen Todd, a visionary entrepreneur and the co-founder of Vitasa. Gretchen shares her inspiring journey from her medical background to pioneering a company dedicated to creating wellness products that are revolutionizing the aging process and how we look and feel. This episode takes a hard look into the holistic approach to aging, from innovative skincare routines to the transformative power of bioidentical hormones and beyond. Gretchen’s passion for empowering people to live vibrant, joyful lives shines through as she discusses Vitasa’s wide range of products and services and outlook for aging with a strong love of self. Whether you’re looking to improve your health, enhance your skin, or explore the benefits of hormone balance, this episode offers invaluable insights into taking the wheel in your ride to aging amazingly.


Gretchen Todd

Ilene Block

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