Protein Ice Cream Recipe!

My daily protein ice cream is one of the highlights of my day 🎉🎉🎉

While I do make this recipe with a Ninja Creami, you can make it in a blender as well as I note below, with only slightly different results, but a great treat, nonetheless.

Ok – here we go!

Start with your favorite protein powder. Mine remains CLEAN SIMPLE EATS (, which has an amazing variety of flavors, all of which are fabulous (see below):

30g favorite @cleansimpleeats protein powder (in this case, chocolate peanut butter)
1 tbsp. Cocoa powder
1 tbsp. PBFit peanut butter powder
350g water (you can use your favorite milk if you’d prefer)
150g ice

Macros (per serving):
Protein: 17.3g
Carbs: 6.7g
Fat: 0.8g
Calories: 102

Put all ingredients in your blender. Blend well. This recipe fills up two creami ice cream containers. Put in freezer for 24 hours.

After running the container through the Ninja Creami machine the next day, I garnish it with Women’s Best zero calorie chocolate syrup and 2 tbsp light whipped cream. YUM!!!

If you don’t have a creami, you can cut the recipe above in half, add 2g of xanthum gum and mix in a blender. Transfer to glass bowl and freeze for two hours. Garnish as above.

I currently have the following in my cabinet, any of which can be used to make protein ice cream:

If you’d like to give this awesome company’s protein powders a try, please use this link for 10% off your order:


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