Changing your Mindset Comes First!

You’ve heard me say that you need Macros, Muscles and Mindset to transform your body and your health, but the macros and muscles won’t get you to your goal if you don’t change, or at a minimum, become aware of your mindset and the limiting beliefs that get in the way of lasting, sustainable transformation.

I continue to be reminded of this fact by both my clients as well as those who inquire about coaching and then choose not to move forward. This is because committing to changing your mindset and getting past your limiting beliefs, going from a closed mindset to a growth mindset, is a big job and a daunting task.

There are those who would like to make the commitment to putting their health first, but are not ready to go “all in” on the work that one needs to do to make these changes.

What does it mean to have a growth mindset? It means you’re open to doing things differently – tracking macros, weighing and measuring food, taking your own measurements regularly, developing the discipline to commit to a training program and sticking with it. Remember, age is no excuse. You can absolutely get for over 50, or 60 or 70 for that matter!

I’m sure you know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and again and expecting a different result. Change is the key as is “getting comfortable with being uncomfortable” which is often the initial result of change.

I want to take a moment to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to all my clients who have all made the commitment to putting their health first, to making themselves a priority and for being willing to make often scary changes to their lifestyles with the focus on getting strong, fit and healthy and to live with joy and vitality.

No one, especially me, expects perfection. I expect consistency, an ability to make mistakes and learn from them and some grit and fortitude to get through the hard parts. It will be SO worth it in the end!

P.S. If you are ready to make that commitment to yourself, check out our coaching page to learn more.  You can also download a coaching application and info sheet. Isn’t it time you made yourself a priority and started your transformation to a strong, fit body and vibrant life? Its not too late. You are not too old. It’s your time to EMERGE a your very best self.

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